US Election 2020: Kamala Harris Outlines her Vision for America, slams Donald Trump in VP Acceptance Speech

Harris made a historic speech on the third night of the Democratic Party’s National convention. Undoubtedly it became the best speech of her career in politics to date. The party had nominated her for the post of Vice President of the US. It is noteworthy that she is the first black lady of Indian descent to have been chosen for such an important post.

In her speech, she spoke about her vision for America, as a community that is beloved and welcomes all. She said that the country needs a president who brings people closer and does not divide them in the name of caste and creed. She also criticized Trump’s way of dealing with the pandemic. She blamed him for converting such tragedies into political weapons.

In her speech, she has thanked all who have stood for bringing about equality in the society, and removing gender bias and paving way for her nomination for such a crucial position.

Written by Diksha

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