US Presidential elections 2020: Trump campaign releases the first commercial for Indian-Americans featuring PM Modi

In a tweet that released the video commercial, the National Chair of Trump Victory, Kimberly Guilfoyle said that there is a great relationship between India and the US and that the campaign gets a lot of support from Indian- Americans.

With the view of wooing the Indian-American voters who are more than 2 million, the Trump campaign released a video featuring clippings from Modi’s speeches and Trump’s historic address on his visit in February to Ahmedabad. They both had together addressed a huge crowd in Ahmedabad. Trump was accompanied by his wife’s daughter and son-in-law along with his top brass of administration on his trip to India.

The highlights from the video shows Trump saying that America loves and respects India and it will always remain a loyal and true friend to the community of India. The commercial with the title ‘Four More Years’ became a viral sensation on social media just after its release garnering about 66000 views within the first few hours.

Written by Stephen D