US spy planes fly into Chinese airspace during drills, 2nd day in a row

The Chinese Foreign and Defence ministries have lashed out in the US, for sending their spy planes during the military drills. The Foreign Ministry has even blocked a formal protest about the spy plane entering the mainland airspace. On Tuesday and Wednesday, two US spy planes U-2  and US RC-135S have flown over the South China Sea.

The spokesperson of Defence ministry, Wu Qian said that the trespass has violated the rules of behavior between the two countries for air and maritime safety and that it has affected China’s military and training activities.

Wu Qian reminded that in the past the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) had shot down five U-2 aircraft, for trespassing into mainland airspace and such trespassing would have led to some misjudgment and accidents even now. The Chinese military expert Ni Lexiong has told Reuters, that right now China is conducting drills on all the three seas, for testing its ability to fight the enemies, even if they are attacked from all the three sides.

Written by Stephen D