USFDA Approves 1st Treatment for Ebola

ebola vaccine

Inmazeb, a combination of three antibodies, is the first approved drug for Ebola treatment by the Food and Drugs Administration. The US regulator gives the drug developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals a green signal for treating Ebola in adults and children. 

The drug was tested during the outbreak in Congo, which killed nearly 2300 people in June. The study ended before the scheduled time to help people with the drug, which kills the virus. Getting approval from the US is a common trend in tropical and developing countries. So the nod from FDA will allow the emergency use of the drug in African countries. Here the approval procedure is not very straightforward.

There are not many cases of Ebola reported in the US, but occasional cases are diagnosed in travelers. The US government has funded drug development and shall buy thousands of doses over the coming six years. The first vaccine for Ebola was approved by the FDA last December.