Verizon’s cheapest unlimited 5G plan has the ‘basics’, but no high-speed ultrabroadband

Verizon’s new Welcome Unlimited plan comes with a slightly more attractive price tag of $65/month for one line, but only offers access to 5G on the company’s low-band nationwide network. It also lacks support for a 5GB hotspot that Verizon’s other entry-level 5G Start plan offers for an additional $5 per month.

While Welcome Unlimited comes with unlimited texting, talk, and data, Verizon notes that “your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic” when there’s more network congestion. The subscription is also not included with Verizon’s mix and match Unlimited plans – this means that anyone with your subscription will have to switch to Welcome Unlimited if you decide to sign up.

Compared to the 5G Start plan, Welcome Unlimited is pretty much the same, but without mobile hotspot data and the six-month free trials of Disney Plus, Apple Music and Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass. Welcome Unlimited seems like a good plan if you want to save a few bucks and don’t need any extra benefits. However, there’s one advantage Welcome Unlimited has that 5G Start doesn’t, and that’s a $240 electronic Verizon gift card when you switch to the plan and keep your phone.

Here you can see how much you pay for Welcome Unlimited based on the number of lines you have.

Keep in mind that you can only access the lowest $65/month per line Welcome Unlimited price if you sign up for paperless billing and automatic payment. Otherwise, the Welcome Unlimited plan costs $75/month per line for one line. It’s also worth noting that the plan has an activation fee of $35.

Verizon says its new plan “couldn’t come at a better time,” citing its own survey that 86 percent of Americans are “concerned about budgets and spending increasing over the summer.” How nice of Verizon to offer a cheaper plan after joining AT&T by raising prices for customers in June and later raising prices for older shared plans as well.

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