Viewing experience with friends and family in Watch Party by the Amazon Prime Video for US Prime members

A new feature by Amazon Prime Video for its US Amazon Prime members being rolled out for co-viewing has been rolled out by the company. This feature of the Watch Party will be given to the Prime members free of cost, allowing participants for watching content on video and the playback has been synchronized on the account of a host.

The host who is organizing the co-watch session will have the right to start, stop, as well as a pause when required during the session and those changes will be there in other devices of participants instantly.

These 100 participants could be linked with each session until all of them are Prime members and watching from the US. With video, they can also use the feature of chatting with each other through text and emojis. All those titles which are available for rent as well as the purchase could not be seen for the Watch Party at present.

Image Credits- Tech Crunch

For starting this Watch Party, a user needs to click on the icon of the Watch Party so that the show or movie could run on the desktop website of Prime Video. A link will be given that could be shared with family and friends and those who will click on it will join it and could chat also with others.

As per Amazon, this will give a new experience and especially during the COVID 19 pandemic as most people are spending time in their homes.

It has been offered by Amazon earlier also for the Prime Video titles for Twitch, game streaming site and it became across for more than 70 titles of Amazon Prime Video. Now it is coming with a broader selection and potential for expanding in the future.

If the Watch Party feature is not seen then it will be spreading out more broadly in the nearer feature. There have been no comments on the plans by Amazon on Watch Party. They said that when they will be ready for their customers then they will introduce the features of it.

Written by Neha Garg

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