Vitamin D could help in fighting COVID 19- New Study Suggests

There are words around that Vitamin D helps in preventing or surviving from COVID 19 and two new studies came forward. From the first study that is published among the journal in Aging Clinical and Experimental Research.

British researchers had found an infection, as well as the death of COVID 19, which is higher among the countries where there are low vitamin D among people like that of Spain and Italy. On the other hand, northern European countries have higher levels of Vitamin D.

Vitamin-D to cure COVID-19

As per the research, in southern Europe people are having darker pigmentation which does not let absorb vitamin D at a higher rate. Whereas in northern European people take more amount of Vitamin D supplements and cod liver oil.

Vitamin D Boosts the Immune system -Study by Sunshine

From the second study which appeared in online at medRxiv, but not been reviewed. From Northwestern University in Evanston III, a team from around 10 countries with the United States and started analyzed data. This research was done by postdoctoral Ali Daneshkhah and conclude the study that low levels of Vitamin D can make a person hyperactive immune system

As per the Northwestern researcher’s sunshine, the vitamin can boost immunity and make an immune system stronger. This also could add to the findings of what are the reasons that kids are not dying of COVID.

Different Studies to Prove the Effectiveness of Vitamin-D

In New Zealand, there is an associate professor of medicine, Dr Mark Bolland at the University of Auckland had done an investigation on the effects made by Vitamin D over bone health said that nothing proves the effect and cause of it. There are different conditions which match with low Vitamin D but increasing it will not improve the condition. He said papers are speculative as well as false.

He said that it is too simple to state that countries having low Vitamin D are the reason for the high statistics of COVID.

In San Francisco at Nutrition and Health Research Center, William Grant, Director has a different opinion. He said that increasing the level of Vitamin D will help in preventing COVID and its effects.

In Louisiana State University clinical surgery department, an associate professor, Dr. Frank Lau had said that according to his research there is a difference with Vitamin D. Those patients who have lower immune to coronavirus having lower Vitamin D in their bodies. It helps the body to make antibodies to fight with a virus. The patients who are affected trials have been started on them.

Vitamin-D only effective at the early stage- A study

He said that Vitamin D should be given to patients who are at an early stage of infection with COVID. A trial is also going on in France that severe patients will be benefited with Vitamin D or not. He doubts whether Vitamin D will serve severe patients but it may help to fight COVID. As per him, there is another effective way to take a supplement of Vitamin D is to spend around 10 to 15 minutes in sun during the day, even it is inexpensive and free.

Vitamin D is also available in different foods like beef liver, egg yolks, fatty fish, cereals, cheese, and fortified daily products.