Wait For G.I. Joe Prequel Says Snake Eyes Star

The Rise of the Cobra

The prequel of the movie was supposed to be released in October 2020 but falling prey to the pandemic its release is delayed to undecided date in 2021. So if you had forgotten about the franchise, it’s not your fault. Even with Dwayne Johnson as the main lead the previous two movies in the series did not happen to please the audience as well as the critics much.

The first one ‘The Rise of the Cobra’ just earned a mere 34% on the Rotten Tomatoes. Its total box office collection was merely 302 million dollars. And the sequel to it ‘Retaliation’ got very bad reviews. Commercially it did manage to do better this time with $375 million on an investment of $130 million, but it was considered less in terms of an action movie.

The cast of the prequel is very promising with Henry Golding playing the lead role. He is a great artist who was seen in “Crazy Rich Asians”. Apart from him they have the fast-rising star Samara Weaving and Iko Uwais, the icon of martial arts of the modern age.

Thought the expectations are not pretty high from the prequel, Henry recently took to social media to convey that after watching the working cut of the movie he is sure that Snake Eyes has lived up to his expectations. And we hope that after watching it, the fans will also feel the same.

Written by Diksha

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