Watch: 19-Year-Old’s Midnight Run Near Delhi Goes Viral, Filmmaker Vinod Kapri Calls Him ‘Pure Gold’

A viral and inspiring clip of a 19-year-old boy who works in McDonald’s in Delhi is the best piece of motivation you can ever get. In the video, filmmaker Mr. Kapri is filming from his car, as it rides alongside the young man, who says he is running home from work after his shift and he wishes to join the army in the future.

National award winner Vinod Kapri shared an inspirational video of Pradeep Mehra a 19 year old from Almora, running on the streets of Noida at midnight. The video has gone viral with several people supporting the lad. Vinod offered Pradeep a lift to his home which he repeatedly refused, the reason for his refusal was lauded by the netizens.c

Vinod Kapri shared a video on his Twitter. At around 12 o’clock in the night, a boy on the Noida road saw him running away with a bag on his back. In this video he offers to give one a lift to a young boy. But this boy insists on running.

Watch The Viral Video, Here:

In this video, the name of the boy running on the road is Pradip Mehra. In the video it is revealed that he runs daily for 10 kilometers at night so that he is selected in the Indian Army.

Vinod Kapri also asks him about making the video of this boy who refused the lift viral. He insists on his running, saying “I am not doing anything wrong.”  You have to watch this video once to understand what exactly this dialogue is all about.

Vinod Kapri believes that this video of two around two and a half minutes will definitely inspire the youth. Thousands of people have liked this video and many have retweeted this tweet. Pradeep, who runs for his dreams, has made many fall in love with him. The story of this boy who refuses to lift is introspective.