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Watch Now – Trailer of Action Movie Wonder Woman 1984 with a new twisted Look for Kristen Wiig’s Villain


Wonder Woman 1984, a new trailer has arrived, which brings a new sequence action, reunion happens in a romantic way, and there is a different view for the new villain.

Since the starting of the adventure of Wonder Woman’s, Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince had returned to us in the year the 1980s -70 and for years all seem to be perfect, golden, and glitzy. But Pedro Pascal (Maxwell Lord ) had said that he could make the dream of everyone possible and for Diana reunion with Steve Trevor, love of her life.

But with this, Kristen Wiig (Barbara Minerva) emerges who wants everything that Diana has. To get these seems like to be a Faustian deal that can make villains like Cheetah.

In the trailer of Wonder Woman 1984, most of the part is from the last chapter of the saga. Earlier, this should be in theaters on June 5. The plan has been scrapped due to COVID 19 and then rescheduled to August 14. But now it was hoped to be released on October 2.

Watch the Official Trailer Below-

Video Credits- Warner Bros. Pictures

Patty Jenkins is trying to return the Gadot for her role in the Diana Prince as the Amazon superhero. They are also thinking of capitalizing on the first film.

There were few movies before the release of Wonder Woman in 2017. But Wonder Woman did much better with the audiences and targets are overachieved to $821 million as against budget of $100 million.  It became a flagship superhero character for Warner Bros.


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