Watch Wheel of Fortune Contestant Lose a Car On a Technicality

Watch Wheel of Fortune Contestant Lose a Car On a Technicality

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The wheel of fortune become now not spinning in one contestant’s favor this week. 

On Tuesday, Dec. 21, Wheel of Fortune contestant Charlene Rubush become on the discontinue of her recreation when she made it to the Bonus Round of the indicate with $16,500 already in her pocket. Then, a delayed, but lovely resolution to the final puzzle rate her to lose out on a designate-fresh Audi Q3.  

Within the video clip, Rubush first incorrectly guesses the resolution, then precisely solves it—nonetheless with a long discontinue in the heart—honest because the buzzer dings. (For maximum confusion, the puzzle resolution become “Selecting the apt notice.”) 

That long discontinue rate her all the pieces. 

The indicate’s host, Pat Sajak, become the one to interrupt the contaminated news. “You know, this one’s refined, since you acknowledged the entire apt words, at the side of the notice ‘notice,’ nonetheless, as you admire, it is gotta be roughly continuous,” he explained.

He continued, “We are going to permit for a miniature bit discontinue nonetheless now not four or five seconds. I’m sorry. You did an accurate job in getting it, nonetheless we can’t present you with the prize.” 

Then he opened the prize and announced, “And it become the Audi.” 

Near on @WheelofFortune, the girl actually selected the apt notice. Give her the auto. pic.twitter.com/aAaMyFeEZl

— Alex Jacob (@whoisalexjacob) December 22, 2021

Despite now not being in a repute to pressure dwelling in a brand fresh car, Rubush appeared cosy as she applauded on the close of the clip. Nonetheless, viewers of the indicate final night weren’t as pleased with its decision and took to Twitter to fragment their tips. 

“Near on @WheelofFortune , the girl actually selected the apt notice,” Jeopardy! contestant Alex Jacobs wrote. “Give her the auto.” 

A second fan referenced the vacation season as a trigger of the indicate to be extra giving, at the side of, “It be Christmas. Give her the Audi. #WheelofFortune” 

A third even suggested they would close watching the indicate completely after the choice. “Wheel of Fortune, you honest lost a viewer. ‘I’m picking the apt notice’ to never gaze this indicate again,” they commented. “I’m performed! I’m with that lady. She deserves that Audi! That rule is the most dumbest part ever! She had it apt sooner than the time become up!” 

E! Recordsdata has reached out to Wheel of Fortune for comment. 

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