U.S. COVID-19 Toll Surpasses 100 Million Infections

The US has officially become the first country to report 100 million coronavirus cases.

The US has passed a COVID-19 infection toll of 100 million.

“We passed 100 million cases a long time ago,” Beth Blair of the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center said in a post. “We are losing many more.”

According to 10 million, one-third of America's population has been infected with Corona.

As of February, more than 57% of Americans had antibodies from a previous coronavirus infection, according to CDC estimates.

The CDC put forth another estimate, a figure that does not include those who may pick up antibodies from the vaccine or reinfection. This would equate to approximately 188 million Americans.

Hospitalizations and deaths due to infectious XBB omicron are on the rise in the United States.

The CDC estimates that much of the United States is experiencing high levels of coronavirus transmission.

America is feeling threatened by the rise of Corona in China and efforts are being made to act strictly.