Why that ‘free’ Starbucks drink is about to cost you more

Starbucks has made changes to its rewards program. Now more points are needed to earn the gift.

100 stars will be needed to get a cup of hot or iced coffee or tea, a baked good, a packaged snack or a to-go cup at Starbucks.

Members will need 200 stars to receive a latte or frappuccino or a hot breakfast item.

A salad, lunch sandwich, protein box or packaged coffee (like a bag of beans) will require 300 points.

Currently members need only 50 stars to get hot tea, coffee or bakery items but now the number of stars has been increased.

You can earn stars by shopping at Starbucks.

 If customers use the Starbucks Card, one dollar spent turns into two stars.

Starbucks said it notified Rewards members in the US and Canada about the changes Wednesday via email and the Starbucks app.