Wes Unseld, Hall of Fame at NBA died at 74

Wes Unseld, Hall of Farmer at NBA died at 74

On Tuesday morning, Wes Unseld died at the age of 74 years. He is the Hall of Fame who had led Washington Bullets. His family said he had passed away by facing health issues due to pneumonia and till the end, he was there with his loved ones.

His family said that he was the strongest in the family who take care of everyone in the family as well as friends. He had played many games of basketball for Washington D.C and Baltimore.  

Wes Unseld Initial Career

In 1968 he was selected with the 2nd overall pick by Baltimore Bullets. He made such an impact that he changes the franchise fortunes and now being known as Washington Wizards.

In Baltimore 1st season, he guided with 57-25 records to the team which is 21 wins more than the previous year. It was the 1st playoff appearance by the Bullets.

In his rookie season, he averages 18.2 rebounds and 13.8 points. He was 2nd after Wilt Chamberlain who had won Most Valuable Player awards and Rookie of the Year in the same season. In 1973 he had led Baltimore to have 5 consecutive playoff appearances when the franchise had moved to Washington.

In 1978, he and Elvin Hayes, Hall of Fame had defeated Seattle SuperSonics in NBA championship for 7 games. This was the biggest moment when he was named the Most Valuable Player.

As per the owner of Wizards, Chairman & CEO of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Ted Leonsis said that they admire him a lot like a pillar for the franchise, but the work he had done outside the court had made him touch the heart of many people and have an impactful legacy for it.

In 1981 when Unseld retired with No. 41, his 5 bullets/Wizard jersey is hanging in Washington, Capital One Arena rafters. Even after retiring, he stayed in NBA, 1st working at the front office then as a team coach. He had won around 202 games which is the second most record in the history of a franchise.

At Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, he was inducted in the year 1988. In 1996 he was being voted among 50 top players at the history of a league.

In the family of Wes Unseld, he had Connie, his wife of 50 years, Kimberly daughter, Wes Jr. son, and his 2 grandchildren.

RIP Wes Unseld and Condolences to the Family!