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Wet and Windy Start To French Open 2020- Coco Gauff, Simona Halep had their First Cold Win of the Season

No player has expected that this would be the open day of the French Open which was previously scheduled to happen in May but because of COVID-19, it got shifted to September. Sunday was the first day of the French Open and the players were welcomed with cold winds and some of the drizzle too. With the expected crowd of 30,000 only 1000 spectators were allowed to see the match due to COVID-19.

On the opening day of the French Open, Coco Gauff, Victoria Azarenka, Simona Halep mark the first win of the season but they played in the cold winds. When Azarenka asked about the play and the debut of the French Open, she said “I’m Going to get Frozen.” She further added that “No. I’m not waiting here a couple of minutes, because I’m cold. It’s 8 degrees (Celsius) – 8 degrees! I live in Florida. I am used to hot weather.”

Coco Gauff who has already won the Junior Girls Title at the same ground never have expected this debut of the French Open. She didn’t expect that she would play the match with no audience and in such windy weather with drizzle making the things hard. Her first match against Johanna Konta.

But keeping the chilly weather aside, Gauff manages her first win against Johanna Konta with the rally of 6-3, 6-3 at Roland Garros.

On being asked about the weather she said “Being a Floridian, basically we have one week of winter, and this is what it is.”

Konta on being asked about losing the game to Guaff who is much Younger to her she replied “It doesn’t really matter how old she is. The age and those things, I think that’s a factor for you guys and for public interest and for sponsors and for things like that. But as a fellow competitor, that’s got nothing to do with us competing out on the court.”

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