What Did Faze Kay Do With Crypto

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So, Let’s deep dive in the world of cryptocurrency and get the answers to the most common questions – What Did Faze Kay Do With Crypto

Why was Faze Kay kicked from FaZe Clan?

Amid the recent cryptocurrency drama, FaZe Kay was kicked from FaZe Clan. He wasn’t the only casualty of this drama, as Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo were all suspended until further notice. This is thanks to the accusations of “pump and dump” crypto scams like “Save the Kids”.

Did FaZe Kay lose money on save the kids?

After a week of silence, FaZe Kay has finally responded to the Save The Kids crypto scam accusations, claiming that he is innocent and that he has lost money on Save The Kids as well. Frazier "FaZe Kay" Khattri has finally ended his silence following the crypto scam accusations and his subsequent removal from FaZe Clan.

Did FaZe Kay ‘pump’ Bitcoin and then dump his investments?

The allegations suggest that FaZe Kay purposely ‘pumped’ the coin, investing lots of money in it himself and urging others to do the same. Then, he allegedly ‘dumped’ his investments, causing the coin to drop in value which meant many investors lost lots of money.

Is Faze pumping and dumping cryptocurrency like “save the kids”?

This is thanks to the accusations of “pump and dump” crypto scams like “Save the Kids”. FaZe Clan made it clear they had no involvement in the recent Cryptocurrency moves that members of the org made, and distanced themselves from all four players.
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