What Did Netflix CEO Say About “Cuties” Controversy


The release of the controversial Netflix’s original ‘Cuties’ presents a real headache for the channel. The movie received substantial online criticism and also culminated in legal action in Texas. There has been so much evidence proving that those who are jumping to controversy might not have seen the movie or want to misrepresent it, to score some political benefit willfully. 

The co-CEO, Netflix, Ted Sarandos, opened up on the issue and has expressed his disbelief in the Texas indictment. He said that it was very saddening that in 2020, America is discussing how to censor storytelling. The film has been misunderstood within America, while it has done reasonably good in Sundance and the European theatres, without any controversy.

The movie is a director’s story, and the film speaks for itself. The film is doing very well at the festivals and got embroiled in the controversy due to a poorly judged marketing campaign by the streaming platform, which gave a very wrong impression of such artistic work.