What Eileen Gu Means to China

Depending on your perspective, she’s either American as apple pie or the quintessential product of Chinese “tiger parenting” — a traitor or a trailblazer. But if there’s one thing we should all be able to agree on, it’s that Eileen Gu has dominated the Beijing Winter Olympics like no one else.Just 18 years old, Gu…

Relying to your standpoint, she’s either American as apple pie or the quintessential made of Chinese “tiger parenting” — a traitor or a trailblazer. But when there’s one component we must aloof all be ready to agree on, it’s that Eileen Gu has dominated the Beijing Winter Olympics indulge in no one else.

Fair 18 years frail, Gu acquired two golds and one silver medal in three competitions at this 365 days’s video games, making her the foremost-ever freestyle skier to choose on three medals at the same Olympics. Standard even sooner than her trips to the medal podium — the aspiring athlete and mannequin had signed bigger than 20 endorsement affords and took dwelling an estimated 200 million yuan ($31 million) closing 365 days  Gu honest vaulted her intention into the country’s sports pantheon alongside greats indulge in Yao Ming, hurdler Liu Xiang, and French and Australian Beginning winner Li Na. Her every transfer, from which Beijing cram faculty she attended to her collection of snack on the slopes, is dissected by tens of thousands and thousands of fans.

Her success has come at a heed, on the opposite hand. All the intention in which throughout the Pacific, the American-born Gu has been subjected to a worthy harsher originate of scrutiny since picking in 2019 to compete for China moderately than her country of birth. Fox Files host Will Cain deemed her “ungrateful”; his colleague Tucker Carlson known as her choice “boring.” Attitudes toward Gu on Western social media most ceaselessly replicate a poisonous mixture of nationalism, racism, Orientalism, and misogyny.

The backlash reminds me of an frail Chinese sports story. In the early 1990s, desk tennis participant He Zhili, a member of the Chinese national group, switched nationalities and started competing for Japan. Taking part in below the title Koyama Chire, she took dwelling the gold medal in the females’s singles competition at the 1994 Asian Video games, beating Chinese athletes in successive suits in the formula. On the time, Chinese attitudes toward He were vitriolic: She used to be criticized as a “traitor,” with angry fans likening her to the collaborators who assisted the Jap military in all places in the Second World War.

He Zhili signs autographs at an event in Shanghai, 2005. Xin Wen/VCG

He Zhili signs autographs at an event in Shanghai, 2005. Xin Wen/VCG

That used to be as regards to 20 years ago. Recently, Chinese sports fans are mindful of the look of China-born and professional desk tennis gamers representing utterly different nations at important international competitions. Most likely, with the income of time, the united states — which has long benefited from the influx of top carrying talent from in all places in the enviornment — will likewise search that there might be nothing insidious about Gu’s solution to signify China.

It’s unhappy, on the opposite hand, that the ongoing firestorm over Gu’s nationality has obscured the intention in which more inspiring ramifications of her choice interior China, including how her broad success is reshaping Chinese attitudes toward every thing from cold weather sports to contemporary womanhood.

Even supposing no longer the foremost naturalized Chinese to compete for the country at the Olympics, Gu is easily essentially the most well-liked and influential thus a ways, in part because she is largely the most culturally and linguistically fluent. Every summer since she used to be two years frail, Gu has returned to China with her mother, and she speaks fluent Chinese with a sturdy Beijing accent. When interviewed by Western media or posting on social media in English, Gu comes across as confident, racy, even aggressive.

But in her interactions with Chinese media, her expressions and remark seem softer, sweeter, and she keeps the dialog centered on inoffensive day after day issues indulge in food. It’s a performance that looks to be calculated to form it more straightforward for Chinese of us to easily collect her, nonetheless it furthermore displays her gain blended id. As Gu herself locations it, “When I’m in the U.S., I’m American, but after I’m in China, I’m Chinese.”

Gu’s skill to allure to audiences in China, even bigger than her athletic prowess, is what devices her rather then utterly different naturalized athletes. Essentially the most inform example of her outsize influence might per chance well furthermore be her role in popularizing cold weather sports. Sooner than this 365 days’s video games, Chinese officials with any luck sketched plans for turning the country accurate into a cold weather sports nation and region a aim to acquire 300 million of us preserve end part in ice and snow sports. Before every thing, that seemed indulge in a pipe dream, but with the emergence of bona fide stars indulge in Gu and her fellow Generation Z icon Su Yiming, there’s an proper likelihood that ardour in nontraditional sports indulge in skiing and snowboarding acquired’t soften away as soon because the Olympics are over.

Meanwhile, Gu’s quintessentially transnational background — and her skillful balancing of her Chinese and American identities — is a sturdy rejoinder to essentially the most modern resurgence in nationalist sentiments in China and spherical the field. Even supposing her path is by no formula accessible to all americans, the blend of American and Chinese coaching and education methods that helped make her is a essential reminder that purity tests aren’t the finest measures of success.

Eileen Gu wears a jacket with a dragon pattern during the women’s freeski big air qualifiers in Beijing, Feb. 7, 2022. Liu Lu/VCG

Eileen Gu wears a jacket with a dragon pattern in all places in the females’s freeski ample air qualifiers in Beijing, Feb. 7, 2022. Liu Lu/VCG

In my view, on the opposite hand, Gu’s predominant and determined influence involves the intention in which she’s reframing Chinese discussions of femininity and “lady energy.” A vocal feminist, Gu has usually acknowledged that one motive she selected to compete for China is her must be a role mannequin for Chinese ladies drawn to skiing. Admittedly, her recognition is as worthy a testomony to her skill to create idealized femininity as it is to her athletic prowess. Gu is virtually every thing a young lady is anticipated to be: lovely, confident, sturdy, standard, and academically profitable.

That’s no mean feat, and by itself looks to be to repeat the nearly impossibly high requires Chinese society locations on females. But Gu’s rise has furthermore challenged social norms in surprising ways. Chinese shops emphasize her mother and grandmother’s role in bringing Gu up, educating her, and nurturing her spare time activities while aloof residing their gain lives. (Gu’s mother is a enterprise capitalist, and media experiences most ceaselessly expose that her 86-365 days-frail grandmother aloof runs a mile a day.) Her natural father, in the intervening time, is form of invisible. Her success is supplied because the made of intergenerational female self-empowerment, of Chinese females pursuing freedom and their gain targets in a matriarchal family constructing.

Her success is supplied because the made of intergenerational female self-empowerment.

Obviously, no longer all americans buys into this myth. A group of viral articles, including many from more serious feminists, tag that Gu comes from an elite background, and that most Chinese females revel in a ways fewer privileges than she does. Focusing on the structural barriers to success faced by the majority of females, moderately than the atypical mixture of issues that helped Gu change accurate into a large title, they argue that China wants to exhaust much less time making idols of particular person success tales and more time grappling with systemic concerns.

It’s upright that gender equality can’t be finished throughout the brilliance of 1 or two americans. But attributing Gu’s success entirely to her class repute and binational background denies her agency and the likelihood to account for and reach her gain targets by becoming a role mannequin for utterly different females. It furthermore has its gain misogynistic connotations; of us rarely undercut the achievements of male elites by bringing up the spot of those much less lucky.

There’s something about profitable females that makes them magnets for criticism, magnificent or unfair. But therein lies what might per chance well furthermore be Gu’s most impressive feat at this 365 days’s Olympics. Both on and off the note, she has continuously shown rotund mental fortitude, whether or no longer by coming from in the support of to preserve end the gold in her first competition or walking the finest of geopolitical lines between her country of birth and the country for which she competes. Beneath rotund pressure — and constricted by the realities of public family and branding — she has confirmed herself a born fighter. And that, whatever else you would furthermore just think her or whatever else she might per chance well furthermore just carry out, is why Gu has an opportunity to be bigger than honest one more sports big title.

Editor: Kilian O’Donnell.

(Header image: Eileen Gu celebrates her make a choice in the females’s freeski halfpipe final in Zhangjiakou, Feb. 18, 2022. Zhai Yujia/CNS/VCG)

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