What happens if you do not accept the new Privacy Policy by May 15, WhatsApp explains


WhatsApp had set a deadline for accepting its new updated privacy policy by May 15th. After facing a lot of backlash from users all over the world, the messaging app, WhatsApp has made a few changes in the rules and has come up with a list, which the user could face, if they ignore the terms by May 15.

As per the reports, if the users do not agree to the new privacy policy, WhatsApp would slowly ask them to do so, to enjoy the full functionality of the service till May 15. If still the new policy is not accepted, then after May 15, the users might lose some important functions.  

The messaging app has created the latest FAQ page, which is titled as what happens on the effective date according to which the users will be able to receive calls and messages but won’t be able to read or send messages back.

So basically, the users are given only two options:

Give in and accept the new privacy policy of WhatsApp or Download your chat history and move to another messaging service app.

Now, the company says that users can decide to accept the privacy policy even after May 15, but till they do so, their account will be classified as ‘inactive’, and such inactive accounts will get deleted automatically within 120 days. So it is just that the users are given 120 days to ponder over and either accept the privacy policies or get deleted. 

But the point is that after May 15, the functionality will be limited if the policy remains unaccepted. As an alternative, you can migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram. All the data can be transferred including media and documents from all personal and group chats, with the help of a new chat export feature in Telegram.

On January 4, WhatsApp had issued an update which read that as a Facebook company, it can share the information obtained by all Facebook companies and vice versa. Such information shall be used by the companies, as they use the information provided by them.

The new policy will also help Facebook and WhatsApp to share transaction and payment data and help them better target ads. 

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