What is India Waiting For? India’s COVID-19 Death toll Crosses 1-lakh mark


On Friday, the total death toll due to COVID-19 has crossed the one lakh mark in India. The total number of cases moved up to 6.4 million, while the number of patients recovered is 5,415,197. The active cases, however, remained less than ten lakhs for the eleventh consecutive day.

The country has maintained its top position in having the maximum number of patients recovered from the coronavirus. By night, the data provided PTI showed that the death toll was 100,768, and the number of caseloads was 6,464,012. The data is provided as per the details provided by the states and union territories.

The most lethal month was September, in which one-third of the total COVID deaths occurred. The John Hopkins University, which has been compiling the COVID-19 data from all countries of the world, said that India is in top position as far as the total number of recovered coronavirus cases is concerned, being followed by Brazil and the US.