What is Neeva Search Engine and How is it different from Google?

Neeva will be out in 4-5 months as a team of proficient 45 people are working day in and day out on the newest search engine. It will be first launched in the US and then in the native English-speaking countries of Australia, India and Western Europe.

Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan, IIT alumni and former Google executives are the brain behind Neeva.

Difference between Neeva and Google

The major difference between Google and Neeva is that Neeva will be ad-free and will be a private search product. As with Google, users are seeing now more and more of ads, which users obviously do not want to see. Thus, the main intent of Neeva is to provide customers with a better search engine which does not compromise on privacy of the users and offers you what the users want to see, search results and not Ads. The product will be different from what people are used to, offering a single window for search and queries into personal data on services like Dropbox and email accounts.

Also, Neeva promises that “your data will never be sold in any form whatsoever”, and assures that search history will be deleted by default after 90 days. In comparison to Google whose default is 18 months.

The only drawback will be that Neeva will be a paid product as compared to Google. So, we will have to wait and see, what it offers us and how many people are willing to buy. Developers have promised it to be an excellent product.

So, how many of you are excited for Neeva’s Launch?

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