What Is Neo Tokyo Crypto

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So, Let’s deep dive in the world of cryptocurrency and get the answers to the most common questions – What Is Neo Tokyo Crypto

What is Neo Tokyo?

Alex Becker and EllioTrades have set out to build a unique project focused on crypto gaming and building a digital community, Neo Tokyo. What's the crypto project about, and how can you get into it?

What are Neo Tokyo NFTs and how to mint them?

Minting Neo Tokyo NFTs required first passing a test to get on a whitelist, and NFTs show up as codes that turn into avatars after being uploaded. The Neo Tokyo NFT project has set out to build a community that will benefit its members over the long term, offering them the opportunity to earn passive income and additional perks.

How do you become a citizen of Neo Tokyo?

It is eventually revealed that in order to be a citizen of Neo Tokyo, you will need all the 4 items to upload. The ape citizen is the culmination of all 4 of those NFTs put together. The NFT collection does not appear to have had any official ties to the film, but that was undoubtedly influenced by it.

What are bytes in Neo Tokyo NFT?

The number of Bytes burned determined the rarity of their NFT. Bytes is the currency of Neo Tokyo. Citizens of Neo Tokyo receive Bytes every day as yield. Citizens can burn 2,000 Bytes to mint a new identity. The future utility of Bytes inside Neo Tokyo hasn’t been disclosed yet.