What is new in Chrome 86? Install it right away..

chrome 86

Google has beefed up the password security for Chrome, both for Android and iOS, with Chrome 86, which has just gone live. The Chrome 86 would safely check on the iOS and Android and enhance safe browsing experience with improved password-filling, as mentioned by Google on a blog.

The latest updated version of the browser will make the mobile version more like the desktop version, which is comparatively strong in security and password. The browser is also planning to implement a program that will immediately recognize a compromised password and direct the users to the appropriate ‘change password’ form.

The new system will be activated on both Android and iOS and is tied with the ‘Safety Check’ system of Google. The plan shall scan the compromised passwords and also ensure that Chrome is updated. The course will also check for safe browsing. In this, Google will check for any malware and phishing attempts while browsing or downloading.

Written by Diksha

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