Whatsapp rolls out update for group calls, a new interface for calls and more

Whatsapp, the social messaging giant, has released an update for group calls and much more for android. It is a platform that is used by people of all age groups daily. It does a timely update for efficient experience by its users.  

Recently it unveiled new ringtone for group video calls to differentiate between the ringtone for a private call and a group call. Another feature added was animated stickers that are livelier. The Whatsapp beta users with android can enable this feature to enjoy more lively stickers. The sticker looping has been increased by 8 times and longer stickers that have more frames will loop lesser times. 

It is also reported that they are improving their data interface for better video call experience. The update aims at moving all the buttons to the button of the screen, for a better visual look and a more streamlined experience of the call.

The storage management will get more efficient and easier for users with more tools available for removing or deleting unwanted files and messages.

Written by Diksha

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