WhatsApp seems to be working on chatting with multiple phones and tablets

WhatsApp appears to be working on a feature that will allow users with the same account to chat on multiple phones, or on a phone and a tablet, according to a screen found by the site in a beta version of the app. WABetaInfo. The screen provides instructions on how to register the device you’re using as an “accompanist” by scanning a code with your headset – although there doesn’t seem to be an actual code to scan at the moment.

A screen found in a previous beta showed that devices could be given the ability to sync recent messages even though they’re end-to-end encrypted. That screen, combined with the “Register Device as Companion” screen that instructs users on how to use WhatsApp on another device, provides compelling evidence that this feature is in the works.

Both screens are found in the Android version of the app, meaning the feature supports chat on a secondary phone or tablet. At this point, it’s unclear if the feature will also be available on iOS if and when it launches, though there’s precedent indicating it will. WhatsApp technically already supports using your account across multiple devices, through its Linked Devices feature, which currently only supports using computers as secondary devices. The feature is available on both iOS and Android.

WhatsApp rolled out Linked Devices as a public beta in November 2021 and has improved since then (although there are still a few unsupported features depending on what your main device is). But while Linked Devices is useful for desktop users, it doesn’t do much for those with secondary smartphones or tablets. Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, did not immediately respond The edge‘s request for more details about its plans to expand the paired device feature to support mobile devices.

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