Which Disney villains are Disney Twisted-Wonderland’s characters based on?

Image via Disney / Aniplex Welcome to Disney’s Twisted Wonderland, where you attend — or at least groundskeep — the prestigious magic school Night Raven College, and come face-to-face with the bishonen characters inspired by some of your favorite Disney characters. Every dorm housing the characters pays homage to a specific Disney classic film, and…

Picture by means of Disney / Aniplex

Welcome to Disney’s Bent Wonderland, the prevent support — or no lower than groundskeep — the well-liked magic college Evening Raven College, and can be found face-to-face with the bishonen characters impressed by some of your authorized Disney characters.

Every dorm housing the characters pays homage to a particular Disney classic movie, and boys that stay there and arrange these dorms embody the personalities and imagery of the Disney villains they’re impressed by. Listed right here are the Disney villains the students are based fully on.

Let’s initiate with Riddle Rosehearts, the Housewarden of Heartslabyul. He’s runs the dorm with an iron fist, and threatens to slash the head of any individual who breaks the principles. Riddle depends off the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

Leona Kingscholar is the Housewarden of Savanaclaw. Because the secondborn prince in his hometown, he acts love a dictator in direction of his roommates and other students, but he doesn’t attach in any effort to attain the rest no topic his extensive magical abilities. Leona is impressed by Scar from The Lion King. The handiest inequity is he doesn’t like a single scar on his lovely face.

Azul Ashengrotto is the Housewarden of Octavinelle. He runs a cafe on campus and makes it a uncover fetch each and each form of data from each and each pupil on the college. Azul takes after Ursula from The Runt Mermaid. His roommates Floyd and Jade Leech are impressed by Ursula’s eel lackeys, Flotsam and Jetsom.

Jamil Viper serves because the Vice Housewarden to Kalim Al-Asim of Scarabia. He has grown up with Kalim since childhood, and his family has served Kalim’s prosperous family for generations. Jamil depends off Jafar from Aladdin, whereas Kalim is impressed by the Sultan of Agrabah.

Vil Shoenheit principles as Housewarden of Pomefiore. He an attractive boy who considers himself the fairest one among all, and he’ll breeze to many lengths to back himself lovely ceaselessly. Vil depends off the Horrid Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Idia Mask is the Housewarden of Ignihyde. A downhearted boy with blue flaming hair rooming along with his miniature brother Ortho, he prefers to isolate himself in his room and no longer socialize with any individual. When he does, he gets strangely talkative. Idia is impressed by Hades from Hercules.

Malleus Draconia is the Housewarden of Diasomnia. He’s a descendent of fae and one among the most highly efficient mages on this planet, but others don’t talk over with him valuable thanks to his threatening demeanor. Malleus is impressed by Maleficent from Drowsing Class.