Who are the Nominees for Nobel Prize this year?

The World Health Organisation, the popular climate campaigner Greta Thunberg and Russian dissident Alexi Navalny are amongst the nominated people for this year’s Nobel Prize, who are all backed up by the Norwegian lawmakers, who have been in the record of picking the winner. Thousands of people, from the members of the parliaments all over the world, are eligible to propose the candidates, but the nominations don’t imply on Nobel Committee’s endorsement.

According to the Director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo, Henrick Urdal, Norwegian lawmakers have created a stunning pattern in nominations since 2014, with an exception of 2019. The committee doesn’t comment on the nominations and keeps the nominators and unsuccessful nominees’ names a secret. The committee also decides who shall win the award.

The battle against pandemic Covid-19 is the center point for the nominations and includes a nomination for the GAVI vaccine alliance. Other nominations are Belarusian activist Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Maria Kolesnikova, and Veronika Tsepkalo, who fought for fair election and inspiration for peaceful resistance. Other groups that defended the civil rights- Hungarian Helsinki Committee and IUSTITIA are also nominated.

The other major nominees include names like former US President Donald Trump, NATO, and the UN Refugee Agency. Also, the list has Aminatou Haidar, who peacefully marched towards Western Sahara, the International Space Station, and International Scout Movement.

The recipient of the honor will be announced in October 2021.

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