Who is Malia Obama’s Boyfriend?

As a student at Harvard University, where Malia Obama had enrolled in the fall of 2017, Obama had been getting to know her classmates and the Cambridge city in a better manner. She slowly got used to the Harvard life and there were pictures of hers with a mystery man surfacing all over. Now everyone wanted to know, who he was.

Meet Rory Farquharson

Before Thanksgiving in 2017, there was a video of Obama briefly locking lips with a boy, while tailgating her very first Harvard-Yale football game. The press did not know then who the young man was. But it did not take too long to figure that out.

Here is all you should know about Malia Obama Boyfriend

He is a smoker

In all the pictures of the pair, Farquharson was always seen with a cigarette in his hand. Of course, almost one-third of college students smoke, but it is not a healthy habit.

He could be a bad influence on Obama

Unfortunately, Obama was also seen to have developed the addictive smoking habit. Not sure as to who spoiled whom with the habit, the pictures show that Obama was the first one seen with a cigarette.

He goes to Harvard

He was a student of Harvard, just like Obama and this is where they both first met.

He’s a British

He is a British who had his schooling in a private boarding school and he was also deemed to be Head of School during the 2015-2016 school year. He was also interested in games and played rugby and golf. Before attending Harvard, Obama interned. 

He’s fashionable

It won’t be wrong to say that both Malia and Farquharson have mastered the New York City Street Style. The couple is mostly photographed with stylish outfits and is sure to be doing more of it, as the college kids’ jump on a trend.

He deleted all of his media accounts

Since he started dating Obama, he deleted all of his social media accounts, which comes as scrutiny which comes with any high-profile relationship.

The royals and the Farquharson go way back

He also has links with the British royal family.

What was Barack Obama’s opinion on him?

Barrack did not directly speak about Farquharson but had told in an interview that he was pretty relaxed about his girls dating and said that his girls were solid smart girls- young ladies now.