Why Chelsea Houska Left Teen Mom 2?

After enjoying the stardom, for more than a decade of the reality TV show, Chelsea Houska made her final appearance on Teen Mom 2 this week. The last episode featuring her was very emotional as the lady had to bid goodbye to the legion of fans who made her so popular.  

She did not have the intention of disappearing entirely from the spotlight, but if she leaves the series, then a very important chapter of her life would come to an end. The social media is flooded with the question as to why Chelsea quit the show. 

On Tuesday night’s final reunion special, she had opened up on the topic, like never before. She also confirmed that her decision to quit, was not an easy one, but she had to take the decision. She accepted that she was losing sleep for weeks and it got to a point that it started affecting her mental health.

She said that it was a hard decision to quit the show, which has been a part of her life since she was 17. But she took the decision, considering her child’s privacy, especially her eldest daughter Aubree, who is 11-year-old. She said as a family, they all felt the same way.

She said that she cherishes her relationship with her daughter.

It is noted that Chelsea became famous while she was pregnant with Aubree. This is the reason, which she had decided to wrap up her career on MTV, as concern for her daughter’s welfare. 

Her husband, Cole said that he understands his wife’s concerns and added that she shall not feel guilty about spending time on the show or any decision which she has made. He added that she is beyond good enough for anyone and that he was truly grateful for her. 

She concluded the segment she said that she would advise her 17-year-old self that she is good enough and that she is gonna be okay and amazing.

It has been quite a ride for Chelsea and the fans just can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her.

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