Why is Father’s Day Celebrated?

Father’s Day is a time to honour the father figures in one’s life. It is a day for youngsters to express gratitude to their fathers and father figures. Father’s Day is a day for adults to express their love and appreciation for the hard work of their fathers and husbands. Although many of us celebrate Father’s Day, we may be unfamiliar with its origins. Over time, however, people began to recognise the impact dads had on their families, particularly the lives of their children.

Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day?

Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman from Spokane, Washington, was the inventor of Father’s Day, according to the History Channel. Her father reared six children after his wife passed away. Her mother passed away while she was giving birth to her sixth child. Since Mother’s Day was created in 1908, Sonora Smart Dodd desired a similar celebration for fathers. Sonora visited local churches and the YMCA and talked with shopkeepers and government officials to garner support for her proposal to celebrate fathers for a day. Sonora was successful when Washington State celebrated the first Father’s Day on June 19, 1910, due to her diligence.

Even while Mother’s Day gathered pace immediately, it took years for Father’s Day to become a national holiday. Presidents Wilson and Coolidge both supported Father’s Day in 1916 and 1924. The president even pushed state governments to observe this holiday. However, it took decades for Father’s Day to be acknowledged as a national holiday. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day in 1966. In 1972, President Nixon established Father’s Day as a permanent national holiday.

A lack of support among males was a factor in the length of time it took for Father’s Day to become a national holiday. Numerous men believed that the holiday customs of gift-giving and flower-giving did not honour their masculinity. Some believed it was an attempt by retailers to commercialise yet another holiday and induce families to spend more money on useless goods. In the 1920s and 1930s, there was a campaign to abolish Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Supporters of the initiative advocated replacing those holidays with Parent’s Day, which honours both parents.

Why Should We Celebrate Father’s Day?

Despite the initial controversy around Father’s Day, society’s recognition of the significance of fathers has grown. Also in reality, the majority of psychological studies on parenting have focused on mothers. In the 1970s, however, psychologists began to recognise the significance of fathers. According to recent studies, Psychology Today revealed that “children with an involved father are more likely to be emotionally stable, to explore their surroundings with confidence, and to develop stronger social ties as they age…”

Numerous studies have found that an active and loving fathering approach is connected with improved language abilities, cognitive functioning, and academic achievement in teenagers.

In general, children with involved fathers are more likely to be emotionally, socially, and cognitively healthy. Even in times of crisis, children with involved fathers are better able to regulate their behaviour and emotions than those whose fathers are absent.

Importance of Celebrating Father’s Day

Additionally, children whose fathers are missing are more likely to participate in risky behaviour. This is why there has been a push in elementary schools for male mentors.

Today’s fathers work tirelessly to provide for their families’ necessities, assist with home duties, and spend time with their children.

Occasionally, however, our fathers are absent from the festivities. You can still respect a grandfather or male mentor whether your father has died or is alive but absent, or if you do not have a husband or children. Consider wishing a happy Father’s Day to another man who has positively impacted your life (such as a teacher, coach, or priest). On Father’s Day, you can also honour a friend or neighbour who is a father.

Sometimes, our earthly fathers do not provide us with positive interactions or perspectives on parenthood. If you experienced abuse or neglect at the hands of your father, spend the day meditating on your heavenly Father, who loves you and is the ideal father, one who will never hurt you and is always on your side.

How Can We Celebrate Father’s Day?

There are numerous ways in which we can honour our fathers. We can buy them unique gifts, take them to watch their favourite baseball team, give them a day on the golf course, or simply get them a card expressing our admiration.

Father’s Day can also be celebrated by hosting a BBQ for all the fathers in the family (e.g., brothers, uncles, and grandfathers). If you do not live near family, you can also celebrate the fathers in your town by hosting a neighbourhood block party or gathering with a few close fatherly friends.

Usually, we associate sentimentality with moms, but fathers enjoy hearing how much their children love them and why they are so terrific. They enjoy being the heroes in the story, the ones who save the day and improve the lives of their children and spouse.

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