Why Marvel May Not Be Able To Use Scarlet Witch’s Best Villain Anymore?

There is bad news for the Wanda Vision’s fans as they might not be able to see Scarlet Witch’s best bad character choice in Wanda Vision (& Doctor Strange 2). This is due to Runaway series of Hulu.

It is due to this series that Marvel might be missing out the opportunity of using Scarlet Witch’s best baddie in Wanda Vision. This might hold true for other projects of Marvel as well. The everlasting Celtic sorceress is based on the Arthurian stories, Morgan le Fay who has made several attempted to conquer the world, time and again. Scarlet Witch is one of her enemies in Marvel Comics.

Morgan le Fay’s Marvel adaptation has actually been seen in live-action two times. For the first time it was seen for TV Doctor Strange movie. Here it was played by renowned Jessica Walter. 

For the season 3 of the series Runaways on Hulu, Elizabeth Hurley played the role of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Morgan le Fay. Here she was seen as the main villain. In the series Runaways, Morgan le Fay was seen as a sorceress. She was trapped inside the Dark Dimension. Later on, she managed to get away from the Dark Dimension. She also fought the Runways, and was finally defeated.