Why #RIPEminem is Trending on Twitter?

Why #RIPEminem is Trending on Twitter?

In this 2020 year when anything is possible, another random bizarre thing happened on Twitter. With one random tweet, people believed that Eminem is dead. Fans have started the trend of #RIPEminem on Twitter showing concern for the Rapper and his family. Bit no certain explanation is out for the trend.

To your curosity we are sure that Eminem is safe and alive. No statement has been released by the Rapper or his family member regarding this tweet.

The certain thing that is being considered as the reason for the trend is one tweet by a person saying “I Have Killed Eminem.” After this and several other tweets with #RIPEminem this account on twitter got private.

Eminem RIP Twitter-min
[Photo via @levicumsock/Twitter]

All the fans and Hip-Hop music industries were shaken after seeing the #RIPEminem trend. Still, the reason for this trend is unknown. Fans are using the hashtag to show concern for the rapper but many have used the hashtags in making funny memes.

Have a look on some of the tweets shared by various people on Twitter

Written by Neha Garg