Why Was Kim Kardashian Looking Stressed During Shooting‘KUWTK’ With Malika Haqq?

With an eight-person production crew at her side in Malibu, Kim Kardashian appeared hardly at ease. Kanye West condemned abortions, Planned Parenthood, and vaccinations on the same day she was photographed with Malika Haqq.

Kim Kardashian re-started filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians following the controversial press of Kanye West. Malika Haqq, 37, was also seen not appearing to be in the best of spirits while the filmmakers were filming at a beach house in Malibu on July 8. After he posted his anti-Planned Parenthood, anti-vaccine and anti-abortion tweets on the same day, Kanye garnered a great deal of attention, and he was the subject of numerous angry tweets.

A tense look could be seen on Kim’s face mid-sentence. It was hard to read her exact mood since her eyes were blocked by black shades. While on the show, Malika was photographed in a Fendi Mania one-piece swimsuit talking to someone who seemed to be a member of the production crew (they were flanked by several people holding equipment). She also seemed a bit stressed, just like Kim. Before the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States, Kris Jenner previously announced that her family is filming Season 19 of KUWTK on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February.

Both Kim and Kanye had a busy media day on Wednesday. According to Forbes, he stated: “I am pro-life as I follow the word of God.” In other words, I’m extremely cautious when they suggest a vaccine to fix COVID. 

He further damaged himself by adding a screenshot of his Google search to Twitter, which read, “what does a six-month fetus look like.” Kanye posted a screenshot showing fetuses in the womb, saying, “These souls deserve to live.” He deleted the tweet shortly after receiving angry comments explaining that it is extremely rare for an abortion to occur at six months’ pregnancy; in fact, a medical emergency is usually the only rationale for an abortion during that time.

The couple’s relationship does not appear to be in jeopardy.

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