Wild Guns Reloaded Collector’s Edition Coming to Switch and PS4

Wild Guns Reloaded Collector’s Edition Coming to Switch and PS4

Wildest Guns in the West

The 1994 gallery shooter Wild Guns combined parts of sci-fi and steampunk with Western genres, five years before Wild Wild West I would add. It got a 2d shot with Wild Guns Reloaded just a few years encourage on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The traditional game had fans play as both Annie or Clint, but Reloaded added two unique characters, Doris and Bullet the Dog. There were additionally unique ranges, weapons, and managers to strive against, along with as much as 4-participant co-op action.

Wild Guns Reloaded Collector's Edition

Strictly Puny Games and developer Natsume be pleased announced a unique Collector’s Model for Wild Guns Reloaded, that can also simply also be readily available on Nintendo Switch and PS4. Every verbalize comes with a Necklace with an Engraved Bullet, a Astronomical Reversible Poster, an Acrylic Diorama of all four characters struggling with a boss, a Wild Guns magnet, an Prolonged Handbook, the Soundtrack, four Postcards, four Persona Cards, a Sticker Sheet, and a keychain of Bullet the Dog. All of these items arrive with a bodily duplicate of the game in a Collector’s Model field.

Needless to claim, being a Strictly Puny Games advertising and marketing campaign, there are runt quantities of these Collector’s Editions. 1,500 every for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. They also are releasing 2,000 copies of the novel model every for the 2 platforms.

Whereas you are mammoth extinct college, there are additionally reprints of the distinctive Wild Guns being made for the SNES. Pre-orders of all these salvage alternatives are are living now. Wild Guns Reloaded is readily available now for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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