Winter Solstice 2022 – Shortest Day of the Year?

Winter solstice 2022

Winter Solstice 2022 Date: Everything You Must Know About the Shortest Day of the Year.

Winter Solstice is also known as December Solstice, and it is a day when the sun is at its lowest daily maximum elevation in the sky. This shortest day is generally around December 21 or 22, and Winter Solstice 2022 will be on December 22. In Northern Hemisphere, it is observed during December, and in Southern Hemisphere, it is observed during June.

Winter solstice 2022 date and time

The winter solstice occurs twice a year – once in the north and once in the south hemisphere. It occurs during the hemisphere’s winter.

In the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice falls in December. In the southern hemisphere, it usually falls on June 20 or June 21.

This year, in India, the winter solstice will fall on December 22. The precise moment of the winter solstice – when the Earth’s north pole points directly away from the sun, and the sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn, at about 23.4 degrees south – will occur at 03:17 AM IST.

Winter Solstice Date & Time 2022

Winter Solstice DateThursday, 22 December, 2022
Winter Solstice Timing3:18 IST (New Delhi)

What is winter solstice?

Winter solstice

A winter solstice occurs when either one of the Earth’s poles reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun. On this day, the Sun is at its lowest daily maximum elevation in the sky.

The word solstice is derived from the Latin word solstitium, where “sol” means Sun and “stitium” means to stop.

Winter Solstice 2022 Images and HD Wallpapers

Happy winter solstice 2022
Happy Winter Solstice 2022

WhatsApp Message: Sending You Wishes For a Very Beautiful And Blessed Winter Solstice With Warm Sun Rays, Which Will Soon Bring Spring Season.

Happy winter solstice  2022 image
Happy Winter Solstice 2022 Image

WhatsApp Message: May The Brightness and Warmth of Sun Rays Enlighten Every Corner of Your Heart and Home. Happy Winter Solstice to You!

Happy winter solstice image
Happy Winter Solstice Image

WhatsApp Message: Wishing a Very Happy Winter Solstice to You. Sending You Warm Greetings on This Special Day. May the Spring Come Soon

How does winter solstice occur

Winter solstice is a natural phenomenon which is governed by the rotation and revolution of the Earth along its tilted axis. It occurs when either of Earth’s poles reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun. During this time, the Sun is at its lowest daily maximum elevation in the sky. This happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere, it takes place in December and in the southern hemisphere, it takes place in June.

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The time around the winter solstice is also culturally significant in many parts of the world. In western culture, the period is considered midwinter and it coincides with the last feast celebration before the deep winter. In India, this period is associated with Makar Sankranti. Winter solstice is the time for ripening of winter crops before they are harvested in January.

During the summer, around June 21, the summer solstice takes place. It occurs when either of Earth’s poles reaches the maximum tilt towards the Sun. It is also the longest day and the shortest night of the year.

Winter Solstice FAQs

When is Winter Solstice 2022?

Winter Solstice 2022, the First day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, Will Occur on Thursday, 22 December, 2022. This Marks the beginning of longer days and shorter nights. Astronomical, December 22 will be the shortest day of this year.

What is the astronomical significance of Winter Solstice?

Astronomically, Winter Solstice marks the beginning of lengthening days and shortening nights. Winter Solstice occurs twice in a year – June and December. Winter Solstice June occurs in Southern Hemisphere of earth covering – Australia, New Zealand, South America, Southern Africa. Winter Solstice December Occurs in Northern Hemisphere of earth covering – North America, Europe, Most of Asia, adn Northern Africa.

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