Workers at Another NYC Amazon Warehouse Now Have a Union Election Date

Workers at Amazon’s LDJ5 facility on Staten Island in New York City will vote April 25 on whether or not to unionize with the Amazon Labor Union, according to a report by CNBC† It is the second Staten Island Amazon warehouse to host union elections; employees at the company’s JFK8 facility — who also want to be represented by the ALU — will begin voting on March 25.

According to CNBCthe LDJ5 vote will be in person, and the National Labor Relations Board will add up the results from May 2.

It’s been a long road to this election for workers at LDJ5. The warehouse was initially included in a workers’ petition to the NLRB to hold elections in multiple Staten Island locations, but the ALU withdrew that petition so it could focus on JFK8. The union later filed a new petition for LDJ5, which received the green light from the NLRB earlier this month.

The NLRB has accused Amazon of several anti-union practices when the Staten Island facilities began organizing steps as workers. The labor watchdog has filed suit against the company for threatening, monitoring and questioning employees involved in the organization’s efforts, and even fired an employee in retaliation for its union activities. Amazon has disputed these accounts.

The NLRB also found that Amazon interfered with a union election in Bessemer, Alabama last year, leading it to order a takeover. The votes for Bessemer’s re-election will be counted on March 28, according to CNBC

Amazon has not responded to The edge‘s request for comment Friday.

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