You can not export chats from Watsapp to Signal, but here is how to invite friends


The social messaging app, WhatsApp has recently faced wrath, from many after it recently updated its privacy policy. The new policy is about how the new terms and policy would share WhatsApp information with Facebook and its subsidiaries. 

Although the company is insisting that it does not retain the deleted messages, Apple’s latest privacy nutrition label on the App store has shown that the messaging apps collect information about the coarse location, purchase history, phone number, contacts, email address, product interaction, crash data, diagnostic data, payment info and performance data.

How to invite friends from Watsapp to Signal

Since then people are thinking of shifting to messaging app-Signal. Even Elon Musk has urged fans to move to Signal. On this, the App has officially announced on social media that the new users might face issues with the verification procedure, as the servers of the company are overloaded. There has been a surge in downloads after WhatsApp updated its terms and policy. The number of downloads has also increased after the statement released by the World’s richest person, Elon Musk.

Signal has in a series of tweets acknowledged that many users are joining the platform but cautioned that new users would face problems due to server overload. With it, the company has shared steps on how can users invite their members from other social messaging platforms to form a Signal Group.

Adding group members from different platforms would be simple via an easily generated shareable link. The steps involve opening the Signal App on the Android or iOS device and then clicking on the three vertical dots at the top right corner. After this, the user shall select the “New Group” option and add at least one member to make the group functional. After this, the user shall open the group chat again and select the three vertical lines on the top right corner. After this he shall click on the Group Link> On> Share the link with other users on any other social media apps including WhatsApp. 

But it is to be noted that this method shall not export the chats from any other platform to Signal. But definitely, it is a convenient method to invite family and friends to join the Signal App.