YouTube Shorts now allows creators to split long videos

Creators who create YouTube Shorts can now use video clips from billions of YouTube videos in new Shorts, the company announced in a blog post today.

In YouTube Shorts – the company’s TikTok clone – creators could previously only split short audio clips from other videos on the platform. This most recent update allows users to cut 1-5 second segments from eligible long videos and shorts to use in new short content.

When a new Short is created using a clip from an existing video, the original video is credited via a link. The library of videos available for remixing is huge, although creators have the option to exclude their content from remixing, and videos that are copyrighted or set to private cannot be sampled. The video remix feature will roll out to iOS users in the coming weeks, with Android to follow later this year.

Expanding YouTube Shorts remixes is the company’s answer to popular TikTok features like Stitch and viral audio-based trends. But opening up YouTube’s library of billions of videos for reuse is an important step — and could benefit creators if their original content starts a viral trend or gets extensively remixed by others.

YouTube also announced today that Shorts can now be accessed via the web and tablets, with a new Shorts tab coming to various devices in the coming weeks.

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