YouTube Star Jenna Marbles has Pulled out her YouTube Channel

YouTube Star Jenna Marbles has Pulled out her YouTube Channel

One of YouTube’s authentic bloggers with more than 3 billion views — has confessed to previous content and declared she’s pulled out her channel. Jenna Mourey, a YouTube identity who became one of the platform’s first mainstream female celebrities with name Jenna Marbles, said Thursday that she was going to close her channel amid a reaction over videos that she made in blackface and derisive Asian people.

Jenna posted an 11-minute video to her more than 20 million followers on her YouTube channel and advise with tearful disclosing for content that proved she is pretended to be Nicki Minaj in blackface, rapping a racist song and slut-disgrace. I am apologetic for things I have done and said in my past, she said in a signoff video.

One of the hot affairs Jenna talked about is the bulk of videos she has converted to private over the years. Jenna said, “I get it. We’re at an era where we abolish ourselves of anything and everything noxious… I’ve definitely done things in the past that weren’t great. I’m not absolutely unproblematic. I’ve approved my best to grow up. 

More clearly… Jenna confesses for a 2011 video she shared to display herself in blackface. She said she never meant to do blackface and accepted it was offensive after hearing from the public who found her skit aggression. She says she learned from it and never duplicated it.

Jenna said: I’m embarrassed that I ever made that, period.” She says, “for now I just can’t continue on this channel,” and added … “I want to hold myself answerable, and it’s achingly to do it. I’m guilty of things I’ve done and said in my past. But, it’s big.”