Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Dragunity deck build (2022)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Dragunity deck build (2022)

Dragunity deck cover 1

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Being in a position to govern the board and having entry to a form of negation outcomes is key in the hot meta atmosphere in Yu-Gi-Oh! Grasp Duel. Dragunity was released in the Duel Terminal spot in 2008, and is a deck that specializes namely summoning tuner monsters to act as Synchro Summoning gas for the titanic boss monsters contained in the Additional Deck. With omni-exclaim energy, Dragunity can flip about a easy dragon tuners into a negation nightmare.


Monsters in the Dragunity deck are mostly utilized for 2 purposes: for Synchro summoning, and for getting monsters into the graveyard to be outdated as Synchro Summoning tuners.

  • x1 Mist Valley Minute one Roc: Combo starter. Extinct along with Dragunity Knight – Gae Dearg in dispute to Link Summon into Romulus to starting up the first synchro combo of the deck.
  • x2 Dragunity Phalanx: This card is outdated as a tuner monster to summon hundreds of the monsters in the additional deck.
  • x1 Amorphage Lechery: Extinct to lock the opponents field along with Amorphage Goliath.
  • x2 Dragunity Couse: Would be counted as both a degree 2 monster for common Synchro Summons, or as a degree 4 monster when summoning a Dragunity Monster.
  • x3 Dragunity Remus: In an enviornment to discard itself to search out a Dragon Ravine in the deck, after which in a position to be summoned from the graveyard to be outdated as a tuner..
  • x1 Dragunity Dux: Enjoying this card as a common summon can pull a Dragunity tuner from the GY to make utilize of for added Synchro Summoning.
  • x1 Blackwing – Zephyros the Whirlwind: This card when sent to the graveyard can summon itself at one other time to be outdated for Synchro Summon fodder.
  • x3 Dragunity Senatus: Extinct for getting a Couse and a Phalanx each and every into the graveyard, this permits avid gamers to beget extra leverage in later Synchro Summons.
  • x3 Dragunity Legatus: In an enviornment to be particular summoned if a player controls a Dragunity monster or Dragon Ravine, here’s a combo starter that will per chance gaze titanic Synchro monsters in play with out the utilization of the avid gamers common summon.
  • x1 Dragunity Arma Mystlainn: A gigantic share of the combo after summoning Romulus, this card might per chance per chance simply serene be looked for if no longer already in the player’s hand by Dragunity Glow.
  • x1 Dragunity Arma Leyvaten: This card can then freely summon itself and attach a tuner, allowing avid gamers to renew Synchro Summoning.
  • x1 Amorphage Goliath: A titanic tech card allowing avid gamers to banish Hieratic Seal of Lovely Spheres to soar an opponents monster inspire to their hand after which beget this straight away be summoned.
  • x2 World Legacy Guardragon Mardark: Utilized by particular summoning to the field in dispute to weaken enemies monsters if critical in grunt for the attackers to execute them.
  • x1 Crimson-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon: Phase of the starting combo, after Hieratic Dragon King of Atum is summoned, send Gae Dearg to the graveyard to summon this, and resummon Gae Dearg for added card shopping in the deck.

Avid gamers need to watch out to Synchro Summon the utilization of the staunch materials to be sure their crucial tuners hiding in the inspire row aren’t sent to the graveyard along with the tributed monsters they are linked to.


The spells in a Dragunity deck are outdated for negating outcomes and additionally for shopping for taking part in cards all the scheme by scheme of the deck.

  • x1 Monster Reborn: Usually outdated for irreplaceable boss monsters, but can additionally be outdated to pull tuners wished to complete Synchro Summoning combos.
  • x1 Terraforming: Utilized in dispute to relieve utter the player is able to web a Dragon Ravine in the starting hand.
  • x3 Darkish Ruler No Extra: This makes it so as that the opponent can’t spark off monster outcomes that will per chance per chance otherwise portray troublesome for the combo. Nonetheless, this does no longer prevent hand traps, or Spell and Entice playing cards on the field.
  • x3 Dragunity Glow: A titanic card for shopping for an integral combo share, Dragunity Arma Mystlainn
  • x3 Pot of Prosperity: Extinct to relieve search the deck in the course of brick fingers or when wanting a utter card, this card can relieve in a pinch.
  • x2 Dragunity Divine Lance: In an enviornment to present protection to Dragunity monsters from Entice outcomes, here’s a titanic card that additionally buffs the monster by 1000 ATK. As a bonus, this card can summon a tuner from the deck to the Spell and Entice Zone. Can additionally relieve in a pinch with a Dux/Lance combo in an otherwise bricky hand.
  • x3 Dragon Ravine: Extinct for shopping the deck for the tuners and dragons that avid gamers want for the combo.
  • x1 Known as by the Grave: A titanic spell that is outdated to disrupt player’s playing cards that utilize outcomes from the graveyard, which in the hot meta is a form of things. Would be extraordinarily disruptive to knowing to be one of many most well liked meta decks at exclaim, Eldlich the Golden Lord.

Everything on this deck boils correct down to particular combos, and this deck ensures that avid gamers are in a position to web the first pieces consistently. The spells are mostly outdated during the player’s flip when summoning but about a of them, notably Known as by the Grave and Darkish Ruler No Extra might per chance per chance simply additionally be outdated to disrupt any plans the opponent might per chance per chance simply beget had.

Additional Deck

The Additional Deck of a Dragunity deck is outdated for the titanic boss monsters that trigger your complete negation outcomes much to the opponent’s dread.

  • x1 Dragunity Knight – Gae Dearg: One of many ideal pieces of the deck. Extinct to circulation making an strive combo pieces akin to Mist Valley Minute one Roc, and Blackwing – Zephyros the Whirlwind and even tuners akin to Dragunity Phalanx and Dragunity Couse.
  • x1 Dragunity Knight – Vajarayana: Would be outdated when avid gamers web caught and need to make “step up” Synchro summoning, i.e. summoning a degree 6 Synchro, after which attaching a Dragunity Phalanx to then Synchro in a degree 8 Synchro, akin to Barcha.
  • x1 Dragunity Knight – Luin: One other card that will per chance per chance simply additionally be outdated for stepping up the Synchro summons, it comes with the added bonus of buffing knowing to be one of your utterly different Dragunity playing cards by 1000 ATK or DEF when it hits the graveyard.
  • x1 Dragunity Knight – Barcha: Looking on how the avid gamers board looks when here’s summoned, this one card can web the total tuners wished to complete your complete critical summons for a player.
  • x1 Crystal Flit Synchro Dragon: One of many playing cards a player objectives to summon on flip one, this card enables the player to beget entry to a exclaim rapidly make. This card is able to nullify an opponent’s monster make as soon as per flip handsome by being on the board.
  • x1 Borreload Savage Dragon: One other titanic card that has the flexibility to nullify card outcomes, the staunch thing about Borreload is it additionally has the flexibility to exclaim spells.
  • x1 Dragunity Knight Ascalon: In an enviornment to banish extra than one monsters from the opponents aspect of the field by banishing Dragunity monsters in the graveyard.
  • x1 Dragunity Knight – Areadbhair: A card that is able to exclaim monster outcomes by banishing Dragunity monsters from the avid gamers graveyard. Extinct along with Borreload Savage Dragon and Crystal Flit Synchro Dragon for a very disruptive skills.
  • x1 Hieratic Dragon King of Atum: This allows avid gamers to discard Gae Dearg as synchro cloth to summon Crimson-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and re-summon Gae Dearg for added card shopping in the deck.
  • x1 Guardragon Pisty: Extinct to recover playing cards that are in the graveyard after having one other Link monster in play.
  • x1 Hieratic Seal of the Lovely Spheres: By sacrificing itself, it is able to soar a card inspire to the opponents hand, and simultaneously summon a monster from the deck to the field.
  • x1 Crystron Halqfibrax: Extinct in some enviornment of interest plays to Synchro Summon monsters. This card in most cases doesn’t web utilized too in most cases but does blueprint in to hand.
  • x1 Dragunity Knight Romulus: A key part in starting the first combo of this deck. Extinct to circulation making an strive Dragunity Glow. If Dragunity Glow is already in a avid gamers hand they might per chance simply serene look Divine Lance. This might per chance per chance per chance allow avid gamers to web one other tuner from a monster to compose much extra Synchro Summons.
  • x1 Triple Burst Dragon: A staunch Link Summon in a position to exclaim the make of Spell and Entice playing cards during the battle phase.
  • x1 Darkness Metal, The Dragon of Darkish Metal: Can blueprint in to hand to blueprint monsters of a obvious degree inspire to your field in dispute to Synchro Summon utterly different monsters.

Dragunity decks excel in rapidly synchro summoning extra than one strong boss monsters in a single flip that will per chance compose things reasonably a headache for opponents. They would per chance simply additionally be outdated to simply exclaim spells and monster outcomes, or to totally elevate away monsters in play. Dragunity is a sturdy deck that as soon as performed precisely can relieve a player climb the ladder of ranked fits.

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