19-Year-Old Bella Ramsey Opens Up About Their Fluid Identity: “I’m a Little Wavy”

In a candid interview with Vogue for their July Pride issue, Bella Ramsey, the 19-year-old star of “The Last of Us” and former “Game of Thrones” actor, revealed their fluid sexual orientation and non-binary identity. Ramsey, who prefers the pronouns “they/them,” described their journey of self-discovery and expressed gratitude for the support they received from the costume department during filming. This article delves into Ramsey’s insightful revelations about their identity and the positive impact of acceptance and understanding.

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A Journey of Self-Exploration

During the interview, Bella Ramsey reflected on the dynamic nature of personal identity and acknowledged that they are not 100% straight. Embracing their non-binary identity, Ramsey described themselves as “a little wavy,” highlighting the fluidity of their sexuality.

They emphasized that understanding oneself is an ongoing process, acknowledging the ever-evolving nature of identity. Ramsey emphasized the importance of using correct pronouns, as it resonates with their authentic self.

The Power of Pronouns

Ramsey shared their initial anxiety about pronouns and how it has evolved over time. Initially, when “The Last of Us” was released, they accepted being referred to as “her” due to their appearance. However, as their self-awareness grew, they found the most truthful representation of their identity in the pronoun “they.”

A Supportive Environment

While filming the HBO series in Canada from July 2021 to June 2022, Bella Ramsey found a supportive environment that allowed them to explore their sexuality further. They expressed gratitude for the understanding and acceptance they received from the wardrobe department.

Ramsey recalled the considerate approach of the costume manager, who provided a range of options, including regular bras, binders, and sports bras, allowing them to choose what felt right on any given day. The absence of pressure allowed Ramsey to comfortably embrace their authentic self.

Mutual Support and Understanding

Ramsey also highlighted the presence of mutual support and care within their professional circles in the interview to PinkValley. They acknowledged the backing they received from their co-star Pedro Pascal, noting that his sister is transgender.

Childhood Experiences and Identity

The article delves into Ramsey’s childhood experiences and their early recognition of their fluid identity. They mentioned the excitement they felt when being addressed with male pronouns, despite not consciously questioning their gender at the time.

Ramsey expressed that their understanding of self has always been flexible and appreciated the journey that has led them to their current non-binary identity. Bella Ramsey’s openness about their fluid sexual orientation and non-binary identity has brought attention to the importance of understanding and embracing diverse identities.

Their journey of self-exploration and the support they received from the industry highlights the significance of fostering inclusive environments. Ramsey’s story serves as an inspiration for individuals questioning their own identities and encourages society to be more accepting and affirming of gender and sexual diversity.


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