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Dr. Frank Field, Beloved WNBC Meteorologist and ‘Tonight Show’ Guest, Passes Away at 100

The world of broadcasting and meteorology mourns the loss of Dr. Frank Field, the esteemed meteorologist and health reporter at WNBC-TV in New York. Field, who spent an impressive 25 years with the network, passed away at the age of 100. Known for his expertise in meteorology, his lively appearances on “The Tonight Show,” and his innovative approach to health reporting, Field left an indelible mark on the industry. His contributions to both weather forecasting and public health have made him a revered figure in broadcasting.

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Dr. Frank Field Death

Dr. Frank Field, the esteemed meteorologist and health reporter at WNBC-TV, has passed away at the age of 100. Field’s death occurred in Florida, according to WNBC. The specific reasons for his passing have not been disclosed.

As a highly respected figure in the broadcasting industry, Field’s loss is deeply felt by his colleagues, friends, and the viewers who admired his talent and contributions over his remarkable career. His remarkable longevity and significant contributions to meteorology and health reporting will forever be remembered.

A Distinguished Career:

Dr. Frank Field’s journey in meteorology began after his studies at Brown University and MIT, where he honed his meteorological knowledge. During World War II, he served as an Army Air Force meteorology officer in the European theater.

Field’s academic pursuits extended beyond meteorology, as he earned degrees in geology from Brooklyn College, optometry from Columbia University, and a doctorate from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In 1958, he joined WNBC, where he would spend the majority of his career.

An Unforgettable ‘Tonight Show’ Guest:

Field’s talent and charisma garnered national attention when he became a regular guest on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. The jovial banter between Field and Carson endeared him to audiences, showcasing his ability to maintain dignity and authority while engaging with the popular comedian.

Field’s humorous interactions with Carson even extended to his own news broadcasts, where he playfully jabbed back at the host with his prop pointer during weather reports, delighting viewers and leaving an enduring legacy.

Blending Meteorology and Health Reporting:

Field’s multifaceted talents allowed him to integrate his medical background into his work at WNBC. Alongside his meteorology duties, he also took on health and science reporting. In 1983, Field made headlines by covering an entire kidney transplant live during a news broadcast, providing a groundbreaking firsthand account of the procedure.

Additionally, he played a pivotal role in popularizing the Heimlich maneuver, showcasing its effectiveness before it gained widespread recognition in the medical community. His ability to bridge the gap between meteorology and healthcare solidified his status as a versatile and innovative broadcaster.

A Mentor and Influence:

Dr. Frank Field’s impact extended beyond his on-screen presence. He served as a mentor and inspiration to countless aspiring meteorologists, including Al Roker, the beloved meteorologist from NBC’s “Today” show. Roker took to Instagram to pay tribute to Field, acknowledging his guidance and influence at the start of his career. Field’s generosity and wisdom shaped the next generation of meteorologists, leaving an enduring legacy in the field.

A Life Well-Lived:

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Field cherished a fulfilling personal life. He was married to Joan Kaplan Field for an impressive 75 years, until her passing earlier this year. The couple raised three children, Storm, Allison, and Pamela, with Storm and Allison following in their father’s footsteps as TV meteorologists. Field’s devotion to family extended to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, creating a lasting legacy of love and warmth.

Dr. Frank Field’s contributions as a meteorologist, health reporter, and beloved television personality have left an indelible impact on the broadcasting industry. His infectious enthusiasm, sharp wit, and dedication to his craft made him a beloved figure among viewers and colleagues alike.

As the meteorology community mourns his loss, his innovative approach to combining weather forecasting and health reporting will be remembered, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of broadcasters and meteorologists.


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