Aaron Rodgers and Sauce Gardner’s Quirky Weed-Smoking Handshake Creates Buzz at Jets OTAs

In an unexpected turn of events during Jets OTAs, Aaron Rodgers and Sauce Gardner, new teammates on the Gang Green roster, were seen practicing a unique handshake that mimicked smoking marijuana. The veteran quarterback and second-year cornerback seem to have hit it off, not only on the field but also off the field. Let’s dive into the intriguing story of their blossoming friendship and the quirky handshake that has caught everyone’s attention.

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Image Source- New York Post

Aaron and Sauce Weed-Smoking Handshake

During Tuesday’s Jets practice session, Rodgers and Gardner were captured engaging in a joint practice to perfect their secret greeting. The handshake involved mimicking the act of smoking marijuana, adding an element of fun and camaraderie between the two players. While Rodgers, at 39 years old, certainly doesn’t suffer from glaucoma, his on-field performance caught the eyes of his teammates, despite being limited due to a calf injury.

Off-Field Connections

As Per New York post, Rodgers and Gardner have not limited their interaction to the football field alone. In May, the duo went out to dinner together and attended a Knicks playoff game. During the outing, Gardner displayed his youthful innocence when he confessed to not recognizing actress Jessica Alba, leading to some lighthearted teasing from Rodgers. Despite the age difference of 17 years, the two players have found common ground and are building a strong bond.

Rodgers’ Unconventional Personality

Known for his unconventional lifestyle and interests, Rodgers has openly embraced his unique persona. He has expressed his fondness for darkness retreats and even experimented with the psychedelic drug ayahuasca, claiming that it contributed to his exceptional performance during the 2021 season and aided in his journey of self-love and personal growth. Rodgers’ openness about his mental health journey and alternative practices has garnered attention and added to his enigmatic image.

Endearing Himself to the Jets

Since his arrival in April, Rodgers has quickly endeared himself to his new teammates, including Sauce Gardner. With his vast experience and impressive track record, Rodgers has set high expectations for the team. His approach to the game and his commitment to excellence have earned him respect among his fellow players, who appreciate the bar he sets for their collective performance.

Finding Common Ground

Despite their different backgrounds and experience levels, Rodgers and Gardner are finding common ground and developing a strong connection. Their shared experiences, both on and off the field, have contributed to the building of a unique camaraderie within the Jets team.

Their weed-smoking handshake serves as a symbol of their growing friendship and the bond they are forging as teammates.

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