Arrest Made in Connection with Threat of Mass Shooting at Stanley Cup Game in Las Vegas

Las Vegas police have arrested a man who allegedly made threats of carrying out a mass shooting during Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final held on the Las Vegas Strip. The suspect, identified as Matthew DeSavio, was apprehended just hours before the game was scheduled to begin.

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Mass Shooting at Stanley Cup Game in Las Vegas

Authorities have described him as a 33-year-old individual with a history of mental illness and prior arrests that instill fear and concern for public safety. While no weapons were found in DeSavio’s possession at the time of the arrest, his threatening messages through various channels raised alarm among witnesses and prompted police intervention. This incident serves as a chilling reminder of the importance of vigilance and swift action to prevent potential acts of violence.

The Threats and Police Response

According to the arrest report released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, DeSavio made a series of incoherent text messages, phone calls, and social media posts on the day of the game. In these communications, he explicitly threatened to perpetrate a shooting at the hockey game, aiming to create a tragedy on par with the devastating October 2017 mass shooting on the Strip, which claimed numerous lives and injured hundreds. The severity of the threats led at least three individuals to contact the police, including a former acquaintance who had allegedly been stalked by DeSavio for nearly a decade and a relative who had an active restraining order against him.

DeSavio’s Troubled Past and Legal Proceedings

According to ABC News Go, Court records reveal that DeSavio has a history of arrests in Las Vegas, dating back to 2014, on charges that include domestic battery and stalking. In October of an undisclosed year, he was arrested for threatening an act of terrorism or mass destruction. However, the specific details surrounding those threats remain unclear. Following a competency evaluation, DeSavio was deemed mentally ill and found unfit to stand trial. Unfortunately, due to a lack of available beds at the state’s psychiatric facilities, he spent an extended period in county jail without receiving necessary treatment. As a result, the terrorism charge against DeSavio was dismissed, leading to his release.

Current Charges and Arrest

Following his arrest on Tuesday, DeSavio now faces new charges of threatening an act of terrorism or mass destruction. Additionally, he is charged with aggravated stalking and violating a restraining order against a relative. Law enforcement took him into custody without incident at the workplace of one of the individuals who contacted the police about the ongoing harassment they had endured. During a phone call between DeSavio and the woman, he made disturbing statements, indicating his intention to visit her office. Prompt action by the police ensured his arrest upon his arrival.

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