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Bam Margera’s Rocky Divorce – Angry Texts and Desperate Pleas to See His Son

Bam Margera, known for his wild stunts on the popular TV show “Jackass,” is embroiled in a contentious divorce battle with his estranged wife, Nicole Boyd. Following his release from a 5150 hold and admission to a treatment center for substance abuse and mental health issues, Margera allegedly sent angry texts to his ex-wife.

The messages, containing abusive language and accusations, highlight the deteriorating relationship between the former couple. Margera’s desperate pleas to see his son have resulted in public outbursts and threats. As the divorce proceedings continue, tensions escalate, leaving the future uncertain for all parties involved.

Bam margera sending ex nicole boyd 'abusive' texts after 5150
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The Anger and Accusations

According to David Glass, Nikki Margera’s attorney, Bam Margera’s texts quickly turned abusive and derogatory. Margera allegedly blamed Nikki for all his problems, including his substance abuse issues, and even called her a “gold digger.”

These angry messages came shortly before Margera entered the treatment center, indicating the heightened emotional turmoil he was experiencing. Despite the strained relationship, Nikki remains hopeful that Margera will prioritize his health and sobriety for the sake of their son.

Desperate Pleas to See His Son

In response to Nikki’s legal filing for child and spousal support, as well as attorney’s fees, Margera’s attorney, Peter Thompson, expressed his client’s frustration. Margera claims that Nikki denies him access to their son, Phoenix, and refuses to allow any phone calls or FaceTime conversations.

Thompson asserts that contact with his son would significantly contribute to resolving the ongoing issues. Margera’s pleas to see Phoenix have become increasingly desperate, with threats of destructive behavior if his wishes are not granted.

The Divorce Proceedings

Nikki Margera filed for legal separation from Bam Margera in February, citing irreconcilable differences. In the filing, she requested full legal and physical custody of their son, Phoenix. However, she expressed a willingness to allow Margera visitation rights, provided he sought treatment for his drug and alcohol issues.

As per Page Six , Nikki’s legal filing also included a request for spousal support and coverage of her attorney’s fees. The divorce proceedings have been marked by allegations of Margera’s substance abuse, erratic behavior, and failure to provide support for his family.

Clashes and Escalation

The tension between Margera and Boyd has escalated through public outbursts and legal battles. Margera took to social media to express his frustration, launching personal attacks on Nikki, her family, and even his own parents.

In a disturbing video rant, he threatened to “smoke crack” until he died or was granted visitation rights with his son. Margera’s lawyers have attempted to establish communication and visitation arrangements, but according to them, Nikki has been uncooperative, insisting on supervised visits and sobriety from Margera during contact.

Hope for a Resolution

While Margera’s actions and statements have raised concerns, both legal teams express a desire to find a resolution that benefits Phoenix. Nikki’s lawyer, David Glass, emphasizes the need for Margera to take responsibility for his actions and work towards maintaining sobriety.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Nikki remains open to regular FaceTime communication, provided Margera is sober and refrains from denigrating her during the calls. The upcoming divorce hearing scheduled for July 11 may shed further light on the path forward.


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