Beats Studio Pro Have To Come With Apple AirPods Max’s Personalized Spatial Audio Upgrade: Rumors

At long last, the wait is over! The Beats Studio Pro spec sheet has emerged, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the upcoming over-ear headphones from the acclaimed Apple-owned audio brand. With whispers of exceptional features and groundbreaking technologies, the Beats Studio Pro is poised to redefine the audio experience for music enthusiasts and on-the-go listeners alike.

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Beats Studio Pro

One of the standout features of the Beats Studio Pro is its remarkable battery life. With up to 40 hours of playtime when active noise cancellation and transparency mode are turned off, or a still impressive 24 hours with these features activated,

Unparalleled Battery Life And Cutting-Edge Features

The headphones ensure uninterrupted listening pleasure for extended periods. But that’s not all – the Studio Pro supports Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking, a feature previously only available on the true wireless Beats Fit Pro.

This spatial audio technology, combined with compatible Apple devices, promises an immersive audio experience that transports listeners to a whole new realm of sound.

Your Sound, Your Way: Personalized Spatial Audio

In a revolutionary move, the Beats Studio Pro boasts personalized spatial audio, a feature that adapts to individual hearing profiles. By tailoring the audio output to match your unique hearing abilities,

The Studio Pro creates a truly customized soundstage that ensures every note, beat, and melody is optimized for your auditory pleasure. Say goodbye to generic sound and embrace an audio journey designed exclusively for you.

Wired Listening Reinvented

In a refreshing nod to versatility, the Beats Studio Pro is rumored to include a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. This means you can enjoy your favorite tunes with a wired connection,

Providing an option for users who prefer the classic way of listening. With both a 3.5mm cable and a USB-C-to-USB-C charging cable included in the box, Beats caters to your listening preferences without compromise.

Studio Pro vs Studio 3

Priced at $349, the Beats Studio Pro would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the aging Studio 3, first released in 2017. The Studio 3, while still a solid choice, has been surpassed by rapid technological advancements.

For instance, the Studio Pro promises 80 percent increased audio fidelity, offering a sound quality that resonates with absolute clarity and depth. Additionally, 27 percent better voice isolation for calls ensures crystal-clear conversations even in noisy environments, setting the Studio Pro miles ahead of its predecessor.

Immerse Yourself With Sound Modes

The Beats Studio Pro aims to cater to various listening preferences, offering three distinct sound modes. The “Signature” profile delivers a balanced audio experience, ideal for enjoying music across various genres.

Meanwhile, the “Entertainment” profile injects life into games and movies, elevating your gaming and cinematic experiences to new heights. Finally, the “Conversation” profile ensures optimal clarity during calls and podcasts, making communication effortless and enjoyable.

Seamless Compatibility

While Beats is under the Apple umbrella, the Studio Pro doesn’t limit itself to exclusive compatibility. According to reports, the headphones will play well with various Google technologies, including Fast Pair, Audio Switch, and Find My Device.

This openness to multiple platforms ensures a wider audience can revel in Studio Pro’s excellence. For Apple users, one-touch pairing, over-the-air updates, and support for “Hey Siri” and Find My further enhance the seamless experience.


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