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Caution Urged as Fire Ban Remains As Update on the Stein Lake Fire in New Brunswick

A fire that broke out earlier this week near Stein Lake in southwestern New Brunswick has been successfully contained, according to the latest update from the provincial government. The blaze engulfed approximately 540 hectares of forest and tragically destroyed one home. While the fire is now contained, authorities are cautioning residents about burning activities due to the ongoing wildfire risk in the region.

Stein lake fire
Image source: NB News

Firefighters Continue to Battle the Blaze:

As of the most recent update on Sunday, the New Brunswick government reported that the fire near Stein Lake is now listed as “contained.” However, the firefighting efforts are far from over, with 15 firefighters still actively battling the remaining flames.

The province expressed gratitude towards the dedicated employees of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for their relentless efforts in keeping the region safe as reported by Global News. The fire, which started when an all-terrain vehicle caught fire, rapidly spread to the surrounding trees, fueled by dry and hot conditions.

Cautionary Measures and Burning Restrictions:

Despite the containment of the fire near Stein Lake, authorities in Saint John are reminding the public not to engage in any recreational burning within the city limits. The municipality is still under probation due to the potential risk of another wildfire.

Platoon Chief Brian Wilson of the Saint John Fire Department emphasized the importance of refraining from burning activities, as strong winds and warm weather can quickly carry fire embers and ash, increasing the risk of another fire outbreak.

Fire Ban Lifted, But Vigilance Remains:

The Department of Forestry announced on Sunday that the burning ban for Category 1 burning has been lifted. However, residents are urged to exercise caution and comply with local regulations. Platoon Chief Wilson shared concerns about several uncontrolled fires and forest fires in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, highlighting the exceptionally dry season and high risk hazards faced in the area.

While recent rainfall has provided some relief, authorities are closely monitoring the situation before fully lifting the fire ban. Platoon Chief Wilson acknowledged that the rain over the weekend has been beneficial, but stresses the importance of remaining vigilant and adhering to any ongoing restrictions.

City of Saint John’s Fire Ban Under Review:

The City of Saint John plans to re-evaluate the fire ban on Monday, although the exact timeline for lifting the ban remains uncertain. Officials are carefully assessing the fire risk in the region and will make a decision based on the prevailing conditions.

The containment of the fire near Stein Lake in southwestern New Brunswick is a significant achievement for firefighters and the Department of Natural Resources. However, the Saint John Fire Department continues to urge caution and compliance with burning restrictions, as the risk of wildfires remains high. With ongoing efforts to monitor the situation and review fire bans, residents are encouraged to prioritize safety and remain vigilant in preventing the outbreak of further wildfires.


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