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Chef Miraculous Return Missing NOLA Chef Found Alive After False Reports of Death

In a surprising turn of events, a well-known and masterful New Orleans chef, Demietriek Scott, has been found alive after being prematurely reported dead by multiple news outlets. Scott, who had been missing for two weeks, returned home safe and sound, shedding light on his absence and the reasons behind it. This remarkable twist in the story has brought relief to his family, friends, and the culinary community. Let’s delve into the details of this captivating tale of a missing chef’s miraculous return.

Missing new orleans chef turns up alive after death report
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Chef Miraculous Found Alive

Demietriek Scott’s disappearance initially sparked concern among his loved ones when they hadn’t heard from him since May 31. The renowned chef was scheduled to serve food at a popular festival over the weekend but failed to show up, leaving his food trailer abandoned for days. Worried about his well-being, his family reported him missing, leading to an outpouring of support and media attention.

The False Reports of Death

According to New York Post , The situation took a shocking turn when reports emerged of a body being found in a New Orleans neighborhood earlier on the same day that Scott was discovered alive. Scott’s daughter reportedly told a local news station that the body belonged to her father, although the coroner’s office had not yet confirmed the identity of the remains. Unfortunately, some news outlets hastily reported Scott’s death without verifying the information, leading to confusion and sorrow among his fans and the culinary community.

The Miraculous Return

To everyone’s relief, Demietriek Scott returned home on Monday, ending the speculation surrounding his whereabouts. In an interview with WWL, he explained that he had chosen to disconnect from the world after experiencing the challenges and pressures of life. Scott expressed his need for personal time to reflect and gather his thoughts. Contrary to the tragic news that had circulated, he had never left the city and had simply taken a break from the demands of his profession and everyday life.

Gratitude and Reflection

Upon his return, Scott expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support and love he received from his community. He admitted that he was surprised by the outpouring of care and concern, highlighting the impact it had on him. The chef acknowledged that he had underestimated the extent to which people cared for him, emphasizing the importance of taking time for oneself to rejuvenate and reflect. Scott also mentioned the toll that his demanding work schedule had taken on him, suggesting that it contributed to his decision to step back temporarily.

A Culinary Journey

Demietriek Scott’s culinary journey began in his upbringing in New Orleans and the town of Lutcher. He honed his cooking skills under the guidance of his grandmothers, developing a deep passion for the art of food. Scott’s expertise led him to establish a successful food truck business and create a line of creole barbeque sauces. His talent and culinary creations earned him recognition and a devoted following within the New Orleans food scene.

The news of Demietriek Scott’s safe return brought immense joy to his family and friends. His cousin, Rayshone Emmanuel, described the overwhelming emotions upon discovering that Scott was alive. Tears of joy were shed, and a heavy burden was lifted from their shoulders. Emmanuel expressed relief and gratitude, emphasizing the newfound ability to breathe freely again.


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