Document Referenced in Donald Trump Audio Not Among Charges, Raises Questions About Iran ‘Plan of Attack

A document purportedly outlining plans for a potential US attack on Iran, which was mentioned in a recently released audio recording featuring former President Donald Trump discussing classification procedures, is reportedly not included among the charges in an indictment against him. Trump has denied showcasing sensitive papers, claiming the discussions centered around news articles and stories. The existence and handling of the referenced Iran memo remain uncertain, leaving room for speculation and raising questions about its status.

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The Missing Document in the Charges of Donald Trump

The document purportedly detailing plans for a US attack against Iran, referenced in the audio recording of Donald Trump discussing classification procedures, is notably absent from the 31 documents listed in the indictment.

CBS News reported that Trump was not accused of retaining the specific document in question, as per the recently unsealed indictment. This raises curiosity about the document’s whereabouts and its significance in the context of the conversation.

Unveiling the Conversation Details

The partial transcript of the July 2021 conversation, which took place at Trump’s Bedminster, NJ golf club, shed light on the discussions regarding a “plan of attack.” The indictment revealed that Trump showed and described this plan to a writer, a publisher, and two staff members.

Importantly, the individuals involved lacked security clearances or any need-to-know about classified information regarding an attack on Iran. Prosecutors emphasized this point to highlight the potential mishandling of sensitive materials during the conversation.

As the transcript of the conversation was unsealed, it became evident that Trump was not accused of retaining the specific document. The indictment highlighted that Trump had shared and described a “plan of attack” with individuals lacking security clearances or a need-to-know about classified information regarding Iran.

Trump’s Denials and Explanation

Trump has vehemently denied showcasing any sensitive papers during the conversation, dismissing the notion that there was a document related to the plan of attack. In recent interviews, he has asserted that the discussions revolved around newspaper stories, magazine articles, and general information rather than classified material. Trump’s claims and his explanation challenge the notion of any intentional exposure of classified documents during the conversation.

The Vexation and the Defense Department Reference

During the conversation, Trump expressed frustration over a New Yorker article that claimed General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had worked to prevent him from ordering an attack on Iran in his final days in the White House.

Trump referred to a presentation made by the Defense Department, seemingly indicating a connection to the plan of attack. However, he stressed that the material presented to him was off the record and suggested it was still classified.

Uncertainties and Trial Proceedings

The status and accountability of the Iran memo referenced in the audio recording remain uncertain. Whether the government has addressed the existence and handling of this document remains unclear. Trump pleaded not guilty to the 37-count indictment on June 13 in a Miami federal court.

The prosecuting special counsel has requested a potential trial start date of December 11, pushing it back from the originally scheduled date of August 13, citing the need for additional time.

The absence of the purported document detailing plans for a US attack on Iran from the charges against former President Donald Trump has sparked speculation and raised questions about its whereabouts. While Trump denies showcasing any sensitive papers, the discussions and references to a “plan of attack” have piqued interest.

The uncertainties surrounding the Iran memo referenced in the audio recording continue, leaving room for further investigation and potential developments as the trial proceedings unfold.


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