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Fatal Brooklyn Train Incident ExCon who Assaulted Woman Stabbed to Death by her Boyfriend

A tragic incident unfolded on a northbound J train in Brooklyn, New York, as a confrontation between an ex-convict and a couple escalated into violence. The ex-con, identified as Devictor Ouedraogo, had been harassing passengers on the train and punched the woman before her boyfriend, Jordan Williams, allegedly stabbed him in self-defense. This article provides details of the incident as reported by police sources and highlights the legal implications surrounding the case.

Cynthia mcleod stabbed to death in nyc by ex-boyfriend: cops
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Woman Stabbed to Death by her Boyfriend

Devictor Ouedraogo, 36, reportedly engaged in disruptive behavior and harassment of fellow commuters on the northbound J train near Marcy Avenue in Williamsburg. He began arguing with Jordan Williams, 20, and his girlfriend during the journey. According to police sources, the altercation escalated when Ouedraogo punched the woman in the face.

Escalation into Violence

As tensions flared, a physical altercation ensued between Ouedraogo and Williams. Both men allegedly had each other in headlocks at one point during the scuffle. In an act of self-defense, Williams is said to have pulled out a knife and stabbed Ouedraogo twice in the chest.

The Aftermath

After being stabbed, Ouedraogo managed to stumble out of the train and onto the platform. Emergency services were alerted to the scene through a 911 call. Despite prompt medical attention, Ouedraogo was pronounced dead upon arrival at Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. Meanwhile, the couple remained on the train but were later located by the police at the Chauncey Street station.

Legal Charges

According to News Break, Jordan Williams, hailing from Hollis, Queens, was charged with manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon. These charges were brought against him on Wednesday morning. The woman, whose identity and age have not been disclosed, was initially held as a person of interest but was subsequently released by the authorities.

Investigation and Prior Record

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that the couple had no prior connection to Ouedraogo before the fatal incident. The police are reviewing cell phone footage capturing the altercation for further evidence. It was revealed that Ouedraogo had a criminal history, having served time in state prison for an attempted robbery in Queens in 2009. However, it remains unclear if he was deported after his release or where he originally hailed from.

Legal Representation and Comparisons

Jason Goldman, the attorney representing Jordan Williams, compared his client’s case to that of Daniel Penny, who was recently indicted on manslaughter charges in a separate incident on an F train. Goldman expressed concerns over potential racial bias and differential treatment based on the neighborhood the defendants came from. He argued that Williams, acting in self-defense, deserves a fair investigation and fair treatment in the legal process.

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